Project Trip

Nansen project trip

Remember Nansen organizes an adventure trip to the far north following the adventure spirit of Nansen for eight adventure souls sharing the worries of Nansen about solidarity and humanity.

Who can participate? Any person of 18 years old who likes and share our Facebook page

The project will make a lottery 1st of June among the participants.

Dates of the trip:

16-30 August 2021

What is the spirit of the trip? Drive and experience adventure in the far north of Europe, home of Nansen and environment of his explorer trips.

What is included? Expenditures from Tallinn are included in the trip. It entails boat to Helsinki, rental cars, petrol, accommodation in cottages, activities, boat in Barents sea, and one daily meal.

What is not included? Flight to/from Tallinn, personal travel insurance, some meals.

Responsibility of the participants: We require the participants to have an open mind and open relation with the rest of the members of the expedition. They also must write a diary about their experience and thoughts about Nansen works and their experiences during the trip. The selected works will be published in the Facebook page of the project. 


Estimation starting the 16th August

16th August Tallinn-Helsinki-Rovaniemi

830 KM

Rovaniemi 16th to 19th August

19th August Rovaniemi-Inari

340 KM

20th August Inari-Tana Bru


Finnmark 20th-23rd August

23rd to 24th August Vardo-Honningsvåg

Travel by boat 13 hours (night with cabin included)

North Cape

25th August North Cape to Alta

210 km

26th August.  Alta to Tromso

350 Km

Tromso 26 to 28th august

28th August Tromso to Pello

500 KM

29th August Pello to Viitasaari,

490 KM

Viitasaari 29-30 august

30th August. Viitasaari-Helsinki-Tallinn (30th August)

367 KM plus boat to Tallinn



Arriving 16th in the night.

17th and 18th for activities

Cross the Arctic Circle

Visit Santa Klaus Village

Könkäiden Polku hiking trail 20 km

Reindeer sleigh rides & farm visits

19th leaving to Inari in the morning


Arriving 19th around 14:00

17:00 boat trip in Lake Inari

22:00 Aurora hunting (northern lights)

20th leaving in the morning to Tana Bru

Tana Bru

Arriving the 20th at lunch time

Free day

21th Hike in Varangerhalvøya Nasjonalpark

22nd Tana River (Salmon) and Tana Fiord

23rd travel in the morning to Vardo, visit the place, take the boat at 17:00. Sleeping in the boat to North Cape

North Cape

Arriving 24th early in the morning.

Visit North Cape

25th leaving to Alta in the morning


Driving to Alta 25th  via Storekorsnes (Fishing Village) and see King Craps in the aquarium.

Driving by the Fiord to Alta.

Arriving in the afternoon

Visit a Salmon Farm

26th in the morning driving to Tromso


Arriving on 26th at lunch time, free afternoon

27th Sailing the fiords

28th in the morning driving to Pello


Arriving in the afternoon

Canoeing in Tornio River Valley

29th in the morning driving to Viitasaari


Lake activities, sauna and barbeque

30th early morning driving to Helsinki


Arriving 30th at lunch time, visit to the city, last boat to Tallinn University of Technology End of the trip


16- 19th august

Ounasvaara Sport Cottages


19-20th august

Holiday Village Inari


20-23th august

Tana Familiecamping


Overnight in a triple cabin in a boat from Vardo to Honningsvåg (arrives early in the morning the 24th at 5:45)

Boat MS Northern Lights

24-25th august

North Cape


25-26th august


Solvang camping og leirsted

26-28 august


Tromsø Lodge & Camping

28-29 august


Pellon Helmi Holiday Cottages

29-30 august


Hännilänsalmi Camping


The participants of the lottery must be at least 18 years old. There will be a final online interview with the selected participants where the trip will be explained in detail, including the spirit of the journey and what is expected from the participants. The final list of participants will be selected after the interview. Participants have to take care of all the expenditures before the trip officially starts in Tallinn the 16th of August. Participants must have a personal travel insurance. There is an obligation to write a diary of the trip that will be used by the project to promotion purposes. The participants will allow the use of graphic material, photographs and videos about the trip, in the dissemination of the project. The participants will make sure they follow of the COVID restrictions and recommendations of the countries included in this trip.